Sales Mentoring

168 are the number of hours in a week.   

That’s what Sales people in your business have to work with. 

In that time frame, they’re expected to be a success not just at work, but in all areas of their life.

Whether it’s as a Sales Manager, Sales team member, Dad, Mum, Partner or whatever, they’re always under pressure to give more;

Sell more than before. Drive more success for the business.  Be more present at home.  And so on it goes.

This can heavily impact the long term success of your business! 

How do they balance and succeed in all those areas, without falling down at work?  Who can they truly turn to when asking for help, without having to worry about being seen as a liability?

That’s the reason I’ve set up what I call 168 Sales Mentoring, to share with Sales people how they can achieve the most in all areas of their life, without burning out in the long run. 


By confidentially sharing the 6 main areas that need their focus and how to make sure they’re investing in each of them, by following effective, practical and realistic steps each week. 

This will make them better than they were last week and that’s ultimately what they, as people who work in Sales for your business, should always be aiming for. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about how 168 Sales Mentoring can help your Sales people and you, drop me a message or a phone call and we can arrange a free 5 minute informal, confidential and down to earth chat. 

Should you be keen to start investing in individuals in your Sales team via 168 Sales Mentoring (after our initial chat), then it would be $129 (+GST) per hour session.