The Why

There are plenty of companies promising you the world, so why choose RevUp?

Firstly, it’s our passion for sales.  We know; if you grow, we all grow.  That’s why RevUp’s mission is to ethically build world class sales functions.

Secondly, it’s our experience.  The founder of RevUp has over 15 years of local and international sales experience.  He’s worked with some of the world’s largest corporates, but has also been a successful entrepreneur, so knows how to overcome the challenges you’re facing.

His approach has directly resulted in many successes for companies he has worked with;

Company A; achieved annual revenue growth of 11 percent

Company B; gained over 4 million dollars of new business within 24 months

Company C; saw a half million dollar improvement in annual gross profit

Thirdly, it’s RevUp’s unique approach to selling.  For us, selling is not merely an art, which relies solely on an individual salesperson’s relationship skills, nor is it just a theoretical science of process.  Sales Engineering is the tailoring and application of both; to use the right relationships and the right processes, at the right time, to generate actual sales for your business.

Think we can help?  Then time to RevUp.