Grow – Recruitment

So the time’s come to hire a salesperson, but now what?

How can you be sure that a recruiter recognises your real requirements, as opposed to just trying to match words from a job description with those on someone’s CV?

How do you separate the salespeople telling you what you want to hear, from the ones who’ll actually deliver what you need?

Even if you bring someone on-board and they’re great; how will you keep them? As you don’t really have the time to train them up properly.

The right person can grow your business; the wrong one can damage it.

As your specialist sales recruitment agency, RevUp know the difference.

That’s because after 15 years of sales and recruitment, we can see through the spiel.

RevUp ask the right questions to understand what you really need.  That way, we only attract and identify the right candidates.

RevUp separate the salespeople who can sell your product or service, versus those who try to sell themselves.

RevUp want everyone to succeed, therefore we also offer an on-boarding and training service.  Your new salesperson can hit the ground running from the first day.

If you need to hire, you need to RevUp.