Sales CV Writing

Your Sales CV is a sell-in tool showcasing to a hiring manager, what you can bring to their team in the future.

Hiring managers in Sales, want to know about how you grew the role(s) you were in; what ideas you had, how you put those ideas into action and most important of all, what the results were.

Showing this growth to a hiring manager on a CV is hard enough, but before they even get a chance to see your CV, you still need to get it past a number of gatekeepers.

There’s the recruitment agency, the company’s HR department and potentially an Applicant Tracking System (software system deciding if you are in the yes, or no pile), all of who, will give your CV no more than 6 seconds of their time.

With all these gatekeepers standing between you and your next role, you’ll need a CV writer who understands both the Sales, and the Recruitment industry.

You need RevUp.

I’ve been in Sales and Recruitment for over 15 years, both as a recruiter and as a hiring manager in Sales.  In that time, I’ve personally hired for and recruited in, many of the largest and high profile companies in New Zealand.

Taking my depth of experience, I first sit down with you to understand; what you have done in your career so far, what your achievements are and where you want to go in the future.

With this information, I rewrite and tailor your CV not just to give you the highest probability of getting the CV in front of the hiring manager, but in getting you in front of an interview panel.

The RevUp Sales CV writing service requires an investment of $399 and if you’re not 100% satisfied when you see it, we’ll happily make the amendments required.