Your haircut could be losing you $$$

Most of the sales guys I know get a haircut every 3 weeks and the general consensus on the reasoning behind this timeframe is;

Week 1 – After getting our hair cut a little shorter than we would normally walk around with, this first week we feel pretty good about ourselves.  We’re confident, energetic and I’d describe it as feeling ‘fresh’.

Week 2 – Our hair is now the perfect length and we’re not in any way conscious of it.  We’re comfortable and go through the motions in our morning routine when styling it.  Life is ‘all good’ and we’re working our way through the week with no real disruption to our flow.

Week 3 – This week we start having to use a little more styling wax than we feel comfortable with and are acutely aware that our hair is not sitting or falling as it should and we’re not looking our best.  We’re at the greatest risk of being on the back foot with customers and colleagues during this week.  All because we’re been trying to save money.

Now the reason I’m sharing this with you is because this morning, I decided that I’m going to disrupt this 3 week hair cycle; a cycle which has been in place for the last 18 years of my life and I’m going to suggest that if you’re in a sales role or own your own business, you too should consider doing this.

I have decided to get my haircut every 2 weeks, because the frugality of a 3 week hair cycle has all in likelihood just cost me a new customer worth thousands of dollars.

I’d gone to see this potential new customer yesterday morning with my hair longer than I was comfortable with and I wasn’t on top of my game.

Although I had prepared for the meeting and been to the gym, self-doubt had still kicked in on the way to their offices.  I then couldn’t find a parking space nearby; had to run about 500m to ensure I wasn’t late and then realised I’d left my trusted notebook and pen in the car.

When I met with the Director of the business, I was flustered, fidgety and ultimately didn’t bring my ‘A’ game.

It was all the fault of my hair.

Well actually it wasn’t the fault of my hair.

My perception of myself (represented in this instance by my hair) was actually at fault.

By trying to save $243 a year by having my hair cut over three weeks, as opposed to 2 weeks, I had put myself into a situation whereby the slightest external factor (hair style) I had interpreted negatively as opposed to positively.

This all culminated in me losing self- confidence and ultimately; control over the meeting itself (I’m still yet to find out if I have lost the customer).

If you feel good about yourself, you will find that the world will conspire to bring good things to you, but when you feel like shit, you’ll find that things just don’t go your way.

You can put this down to positive vibes, karma, glass half full/half empty or any other of a hundred interpretations or beliefs, but one thing I’ve learnt in my life that I know to be true, is that waiting for the tide to turn positively in your favour is a waste of time, because nothing or no one person is going to change things for you, you have to do it yourself.

Positive changes have to start with you and then the world around you will fall into place, not because the world has drastically changed, but because you view such changes as positive due to your more positive state of mind.

The haircut anecdote I’m sharing with you acted not only as a reminder to invest in the future of my business and not be fearful of failure by focusing on frugality (that’s a lot of ‘f’ words in one sentence), but also revealed to me that negativity was still present in my day to day working week.

Changing from my former 3 week cycle is now no longer going to be seen as a missed cost saving initiative, but instead I’m going to see the additional $243 a year spent moving to a 2 week hair cut cycle as an investment in my business’ future success.

Whether it’s a haircut, dry cleaning your suits or buying a new car, make sure you invest in yourself, because as sales people and business owners, that’s possibly the best investment you can make to ensure you are always on top of your game.

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