Sales Recruitment

As a Director, GM or Sales Manager, you know you need great sales people to achieve business success.  Without them and the revenue they bring in, the other parts of your business quickly grind to a halt. 

But, with rising talent shortages in the NZ Sales profession, conflicting demands for your time and most recruitment agents sending you CV’s, rather than solving your business’ problem; it’s no wonder finding that great sales person can seem so challenging. 

It needn’t be.  RevUp can find them for you. 

RevUp is a unique Sales recruitment agency because we don’t just place a person in your business one day and then disappear the next, we’re with you all the way;    

RevUp invests time upfront to understand your market, your business and the role’s true requirements, from which, we build a proven, robust, tailored Sales plan for your new salesperson to follow on their first day.  

RevUp attracts, identifies and recruits only those sales people who can deliver what your business needs; Revenue!  Not just people who look the part and tell you what you want to hear. 

RevUp coaches your new sales person during the first 12 weeks in their new role, so that they’re set up to succeed in growing your business and will stick around for the long term. 

Ready to invest in a sales person that will grow Sales?  Then it’s time to RevUp.

Marek Drummond. Director, Technology Industry


“I’d definitely recommend RevUp. Not only did we get everything we wanted – and in the timeline advertised – Kalv is great to work with and easy to communicate and deal with.



If you would like to have a chat over a coffee to see how RevUp can help your business, feel free to call Kalv on 0275 001 375, or email him at

Kalv Hayer